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  • The Samurai Manager

    • Introduction

      Learning intuition to guide decision-making.

      Intuition is the highest skill of management, and of the samurai. "The Samurai Manager" leadership seminar helps mangers to see new perspectives, creating an entirely new approach to management.

      Top managers and executives will learn how to sharpen their focus on fundamental issues and strengthen their intuition to develop a feeling for the right decisions, as well as the ability to implement it resolutely.

      The seminar is led by business expert and Budo champion Reinhard Lindner, one of the German-speaking world's most successful management trainers.

    • Philosophy
      Management skills and values are delivered through a seminar, followed by Budo training (martial arts) to support their lasting implementation.
    • Seminar

      The core themes of the seminar are:

      • Comparison of Western and Eastern negotiation strategies
      • The most successful management tools used by Asian top managers
      • The most effective sales models used globally
      • Analysis of the skills and qualities of a leader with integrity
      • Analysis of case studies
      • Understanding and implementation of the "samurai spirit" into a company for lasting success

      Any knowledge that does not quickly reach unconscious competence is soon forgotten. The Budo training helps delegates anchor the knowledge and behaviour into their subconscious.

    • Values

      Does the optimisation of shareholder and stakeholder value and the desire to maximise market share leave any room for moral values in our modern day society?

      The samurai have run many companies over the past centuries, which have all been held in high esteem. The main reason for this was their value system. Their unparalleled determination, discipline, courtesy and loyalty made them so special.  For a samurai, the spoken word was synonymous with the act. How many managers today can say that with a straight face?

      When a manager lives these values, he is a leader with integrity. Now more than ever, companies need this type of manager, as values form the basis for sustainability and long-term success.

      The following values are implemented in the samurai-manager program.

      • Intuition
      • Sincerity
      • Respect
      • Discipline
      • Balance
      • Focus
      • Courage
      • Determination
    • Sport vs. Art

      Sport is limited. Art is limitless.

      "If your movement starts directly from the center, you already begin to touch the art." Dr. Kwiecinski W. 7th Dan, President and National Coach of Polish Traditional Karate Federation.

      Sport is limited by physical boundaries, while art is unlimited. In martial arts, the focus is not a question of who is faster or stronger, but who has the best timing. Timing is shaped by our intuition. With special training, it is possible to develop a sense of timing and thus increase our own intuition. The seminar participants are trained in this methodology to aid their corporate intuition and decision-making.

    • The Trainer

      Reinhard Lindner

      Business consultant and management trainer Reinhard Lindner successfully built up a joint venture in China.  He also worked as a visiting lecturer in both English and Chinese, focusing on sales and marketing, at several universities in the Shanghai region.

      He is one of the most popular management trainers in the German-speaking world.

      For the last 30 years he has studied a form of Budo, traditional Karate, with many of the top masters in Tokyo, Los Angeles, London and Vienna. He was also a student of the "last samurai" Hidetaka Nishiyama (10th DAN). Reinhard Lindner has a 5th DAN (master level) in this discipline. He has won four European Cup tournaments and led the Austrian Junior National Team to the European title.

      In "The Samurai Manager" seminar, Reinhard Lindner presents the importance of the principles of the samurai in the modern Western professional and economic world.

    • Training Dates

      In German

      • Start date: 15 May 2019
      • End date: 18 May 2019
      • Start date: 23 Mai 2019
      • End date: 25 Mai 2019

      Contact information
      +43 2638 88493