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On our private grounds


High Ropes Adventure

Our High Ropes Adventure Course is a great place to refresh your body and mind. Located five meters above the ground, this adventurous course requires participants to work as a team to fly through the air from one tree to another via different types of air bridges.

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Mountain Bike Track

GreenWell's 800m mountain bike track is the perfect place for serious outdoor exercise. The challenging but enjoyable track zigzags up from the Deer Park through open meadows into the woods, where it descends via a set of exciting switch turns back to the starting point.

Avalanche Rescue Operation

This training teaches you the most efficient way to save a person in case of an avalanche. The purpose of this activity is to observe team dynamics and performance under stress and time pressure, and for participants to learn the typical mistakes to avoid when making decisions quickly. In addition to these useful professional skills, participants will also gain life-saving knowledge. The activity starts with a briefing session on the basic skills and equipment needed in the day-to-day work of mountain guide rescuers. Participants then search and rescue survivors of an imaginary avalanche with the help of equipment used by professionals.

Treasure hunting/Orienteering

Our forest offers the ideal surroundings for a fun and fast-paced orienteering challenge, perfect for team building. The objective of this activity is to work as a team to find a series of objects hidden in the woods with the help of nothing but a map and a compass. The team which finds all the objects - in the correct order - in the shortest period of time wins!

Sheep Herding

Herding sheep might look straightforward when sheepdogs do it, but it takes them three years of intense training. Could people do it as efficiently as sheepdogs?

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Wine Tasting

The treasured art of winemaking in Austria is a hidden gem. Carefully manicured vineyards nestling in picturesque corners of this beautiful country create fine wines. Tourists and business visitors rarely have enough time to visit Austria's many wine regions, so we have designed a wine tasting tour which will take you around all the major wine regions from our cozy and relaxed Old Stables Bar. Our wine expert will expertly guide you through each wine, whether you are an occasional wine drinker or a connoisseur. We are confident that after this evening you will never look at Austrian wines in the same way again.